Uttarakhand Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra piles garbage on alpine pastures


Reports appearing in a vernacular daily painted a grim picture of the sad state in which the Bedini ‘bugyal’ has been left after the yatra. “The fresh grass that appears after the snow melts in the region has been trampled to oblivion and one can see nothing but mud, dirt and garbage where earlier there was a carpet of green. Trenches had been dug round the tents to prevent rain water from seeping into them, and they have neither been filled up nor leveled leaving the entire alpine pasture in a sad shape”, the report reads.

Nanda Raj Jaat pilgrimage from Aug 18 to trek on risky routes


The 280-km Nand Raj Yatra, including an arduous trek, is keenly looked forward to by not only the participants, but also a number of reputed photographers from all over the world keen to capture the uniqueness of the procession, including the four horned ‘khadu’ (ram) that leads it, and the picturesque locale through which it passes in their cameras.