Security Beefed Up For Kullu Dusshera Celebrations

Kullu: To ensure peaceful celebrations of the week-long international Dusshera festival, district police has beefed up it’s security to handle anti-social activities.

Giving details Gaurav Singh, district police chief said “a force of 1661 personnel which includes 460 from Home guard battalions have been deployed between Bajaura, the entry point into Kullu valley and Gamon bridge of Ramsheela for maintaining vigil in the area. For efficient functioning the whole are has been divided into 12 sectors.”

The police has also electronic surveillance equipment. Singh said “We have 106 CCTV cameras installed and two drones also would be used to maintain the law and order during the week-long festival.

Kullu Dusshera celebrations (File Photo)

To keep a close watch on suspicious activities, spy goggles had been provided to the shopkeepers and civilians for recording the surrounding activities in Dusshera ground. Apart from it, bomb disposal squad and dog squad had been readied for the festival event.

Kullu Dusshera is the most popular festival of valley that is celebrated from historical times. Hundreds of village deities, majestically riding wooden palanquins that are carried by men, every year arrive at Dhalpur grounds to participate in the festivities.

In a departure from Dusshera festival celebrated in the rest of the country, the week long festival gets started by the presiding deity of the valley Lord Raghunath arriving in his wooden chariot on the day the festival concludes in other parts of the country. In the evenings cultural presentations are enacted at an open theatre where even international troupes put up performances.

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