Sikkim Chief Minister Meets Religious Leader Dalai Lama

Dharamshala: Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Kumar Tamang, who came to participate in the Global Investor Meet at Dharamshala, met Dalai Lama at his residence in upper Dharamshala on Friday morning. He me the Tibetan leader along with his family.

After becoming the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Tamang received the blessings of the religious leader along with his wife and son for the first time. During this time, along with his staff and cabinet members, the Dalai Lama met about 100 delegates from Rising Himachal Global Investors.

Sikkim CM and family with Dalai Lama

The religious leader Dalai Lama said that ‘I have always considered seven billion human beings as brothers and sisters in the world’. He said in his address that differences between country or religion are secondary, the way we are born and the way our mother nurtures us is the same. And when the end comes, we die the same way. Our life begins in the lap of our mother’s compassion, without which we could not survive.

Scientists say that human nature is basically kind because we are social animals.

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