Meditation and its benefits

In a lay man language, meditation is to sit in a sitting posture with closed eyes and remaining in this posture for some time. But in actual sense, it is quite different.

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There is a myth in general public that meditation is to be done at an old age, after retiring from all worldly affairs and it also a waste of time. But its benefits are quite high, which if a person knows before starting to meditate, can get amazing results.

So meditation is not just sitting in a posture, it is actually trying to concentrate on a particular thing. It could be your GOD which you love a lot or any image you want to focus on.

Why this focusing is important and why one person is wasting its time on this. These are some of the questions which usually come on the beginner’s mind. As it is always said, that little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So I also want to reiterate the same.

Meditation has many benefits as it affects you physiologically, psychologically and also spiritually. It means a person who meditate, not only has a good sharp mind, with a great will power but the person is also physiologically sound with all the bodily functions working in harmony. By quoting spiritually, a person develops a knack of forgiving anyone for the mistakes, a person become enlightened, have no grudge with anyone. This level of enlightenment can only be achieved if a person meditates.

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Meditation is generally of many types. A person can do Breath awareness meditation, Chakra meditation, Mantra meditation etc.

Breath awareness, as the name suggests, remain aware to your breath. When you inhale breath (act of taking in air) try to feel it, feel it going in your lungs, and then try to feel the way it exhales (act of taking out air) from the body. In the whole process of inhaling and exhaling, thoughts will come in the mind. Just acknowledge the thoughts and smile on it and then try to focus again on the breath.

This technique will improve one’s concentration and patience. Another simple technique is to close your eyes and sit or a person can also lay down with the back on the bed. After closing the eyes, a person should try to see the image of any GOD you loves a lot, it can be Krishna, Shiva etc or it can be any image you love the most or the image of a successful person whom you want to become and it can be ‘you’ itself with a smile on the face and has achieved everything in life. The whole purpose is to concentrate on the image. Random thoughts will definitely bother you but just smile on it and again concentrate on the image.

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Now it’s time to discuss on ‘when’ factor of this guide. Meditation is something which can be done anytime and anywhere. Even at this time, while writing this article, I am meditating. So meditation is not about closing eyes and sitting. It can be done by opening your eyes. But for a beginner, closing eyes is recommended so that it becomes easier for the person to concentrate while cutting all the distractions, by closing the eyes.

So meditate- this place could be a better place if we change our selves and to bring that change meditation is the foremost requirement. A relaxed peaceful mind can do wonders and this can only be achieved if we meditate and time to act- begins now.

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