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The pre orders for the worlds coolest baby monitor are open now. Sproutling is ready with its campaign for a modern hI tech monitor that is capable of predicting your baby’s sleep patterns, his good and bad moods and other personal insights, with the help of an iOS app.

Sproutling has managed to raise $2.6 million initially and $100000 this year to design this wearable baby monitor. If you want to improve your parenting IQ skills and also get rid of the stress, then this is the product for you.

Sproutling sends a push notification to the parents , there and then in order to keep them abreast. A small wearable child safe band that goes on the child’s ankles has been paired with the mobile app. Get scores based on measurements done in 16 categories.

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• You get to know of any change in the heart rate
• It can predict the wake up time
• Its sends out an alert if the baby rolls over
• Predicts the baby’s mood on waking up
• It can also advise the parents on any unusual brightness or high noise which might wake him up
• The room temperature readings are also shared with the parents

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Parents need to know that, for example when the heart rate figure is notified, it is not a general figure for all children in that age category. It is specific to your child and deduced after studying his sleep pattern and heart rate. Hence any irregularity in it is instantly shared with the parents.

This app is simple and extremely helpful in aiding the parents to lead a normal life after their child is born. The wearable band is made up of medical grade and hypoallergenic, machine safe material. The sensor can be removed before washing. It also comes in three sizes in order to accommodate a growing child.

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The charger is very chic to look at, and also doubles up as the environment sensor of the room. Just drop the band on it for charging. You need charging only after three days of use and in a matter of two hours it is ready to rock and roll again. There is a second sensor too that that goes on the wall.

And if on a particular day the wearable does fall off the proximity sensor will send you an alert right away. Your baby sitters phone can be linked to the app and while you might be looking for other details inside it, the status of the a baby stays upfront at all times . You can use the app for all you children at the same time, so that monitoring can be done together at one time.

Parents will agree that anything that can guarantee a few more hours of sleep is a God send gift. And since the millennial generation likes to stay in touch at all times, this app just blends in to their lifestyle perfectly. For now the Sproutling Baby Monitor is priced at $299, but pre orders are being booked at$249, till stocks last.

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Sproutling aims at eradicating the fear of parenting and make it an enjoyable and memorable period. The app worries for you, and lets you focus on the happy times and in style. The founders Chris Bruce and Mathew Spolin are confident that this modern age gadget will bring relief and provide support to a host of parents who get bewildered and confused once a baby arrives.

Get this wearable monitor, install the app and expect a mail or a text or an alert when your baby wakes up or if the party noise is not letting him sleep. The founders who are parents too firmly believe that technology should be used as an asset to empower today’s parents with time management skills.

And mind you the info does not pop up in confusing figures that need you to wrack your bran. The format is simple, the icons are easy to grasp. Green is an all well, red is an alert and yellow simply means that the sensor is off.

If this wearable manages to understand the dilemma of the parents and make their life simple and a little less stressful, it is sure to be a hit. And Android users cut the sulking, as work is on for an app fro you too.

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