Fresh air plus the toilet seat that removes the toilet embarrassment from your life

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If you like to sneak out of the toilet before somebody finds out that you were the last one there, then the Fresh Air Plus Toilet Seat is the gadget for your redemption. It is a modern age smart toilet seat with gizmo lights and a fan that is built in to remove all traces of your job in there.

The lights might entertain the light hearted and the slow closing lid will cut down the melodrama level that generates in every household loo. What might get your attention is the fact that the fan turns on the moment someone is seated on the seat.

It then starts sucking the stink and throwing it out of the bathroom through a tube that is drilled into the wall. Be sure to mark the area outside, around the tube as a venture at your own risk zone.

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The founders proclaim that the installation is pretty simple and you don’t need to call in any hi tech handy man for it. But if drilling into brick walls is not your favorite past time then do call in a pro too install the tube and the electrical outlet.

The inventor Adam and his team are trying to put the project up on Kickstarter. But we sure wonder where the inspiration for this project came from. If socially awkward situations that originate from the toilet scare you, then this is the invention for you.

The inventors hope to make this gadget a standard installation in every household. How many of us actually going to fall for the dancing lights and a hole in the wall is yet to be seen.

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