Bus fare hike, overcrowding, a double whammy for Himachal University students

Shimla: A stiff fare hike for students travelling by Himachal Pradesh University buses coupled with no improvements or increase in service leading to overcrowding in the existing ones has increased the problems of students who commute on a daily basis in them.

Recently the university administration enforced an increase in fares for student travelling the campus buses. Whereas a one way ticket which used to cost Rs 4 from Summerhill to Sanjauli, one now has to shell out Rs 10 for the uncomfortable journey.

What’s more the university buses are few and old and after increasing fares, many students have started opting to travel by other public transport buses

Sheetal Mehta, a law student laments, “the sharp fare rise has not only added to the economic burden of the students community but it must be your lucky day if you do get a seat in the University buses, despite paying the increased fare or even if you hold a pass for which the months fare is paid in advance. It’s is not without reason that I prefer to travel by other public transport buses, which have more space and one is more likely to get a seat in them.”

Students have held protest demonstrations for reducing the bus fares and sought to impress upon the authorities for increasing their numbers but the administration has turned a deaf ear to demand.

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    HPU students are struggling with a lot of problems.
    Not only buses but also hostel problems, increasing fee, increasing paid seats and many more…..

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