Kamla Nehru Hospital blood bank fights to remain open 24/7

Shimla: The female dedicated Kamla Nehru Hospital (KNH) here is facing a serious crunch of employees owing to which the hospital’s blood bank cannot remain open around the clock.

Reportedly, the blood bank at Kamla Nehru Hospital or Lady Reading as its better known, works in three shifts, with only four employees dedicated for the task.

Due to lack of adequate staff the situation is such that the four employees are finding it difficult to keep the blood bank open 24/7, even if one of them is on leave.

Kamla Nehru Hospital blood bank fights to remain open

The grave situation has been brought to the notice of the KNH administration, which has subsequently forwarded the issue to the Health Directorate. The administration is hopeful that the situation will be resolved soon.

The KNH Chief Medical Officer Dr. PC Sharma said, “A complaint has been forwarded in this regard to the Indira Gandhi Medical Hospital and college principal and Health Directorate on Saturday, April 6, 2013.” “We have been informed that adequate staff will be provided at the earliest,” he added.

For now the blood bank is operational somehow though all-kinds of work around ways, however, it is worth mentioning that the KNH operation theaters and labor rooms see operations and deliveries around the clock, in such a scenario, improper functioning blood bank could mean danger to life of patients here.

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