Himachal Power Corp Throws Civil Works Contract For 450 MW Hydropower Project Open For Global Bidding

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd, a public sector generation company, has invited international bidding for the civil and hydro-mechanical works for the 450 MW Shongtong-Karcham run of the river hydropower project that is planned on the Satluj River in Kinnaur district of North India.

With a bid deadline marked for 5 April, the mega contract offer was thrown open on Monday (10 Jan, 2011) and involves planning, design, engineering and execution of river diversion works; diversion barrage; intake, de-sanding arrangement; head race tunnel; surge shaft; pressure shaft; underground power house complex; tail race tunnel; access adits; underground switchyard; instrumentation relevant to such structures along with access roads and other appurtenant works including compliance of environment management requirements.

The contract also requires design, engineering, supply, fabrication of penstock liner; transportation of penstock liner to project site and commissioning, testing, painting of complete penstock.

The civil contract also seeks designing, manufacturing, supplying, testing and commissioning of gates and hoists at diversion tunnel, diversion barrage, intake, de-sanding arrangement, silt flushing tunnels, draft tube, tail race tunnel and butterfly valves.

A HPPCL spokesman said that the Himachal Pradesh government has applied for a loan from Asian Development Bank (ADB) towards clean energy development investment program (HPCEDIP) and a part of the loan would be used for payments under the contract. A pre-bid conference is scheduled to be held at Shimla on 15th February, 2011.

Other than the costs of bidding document, the bidder needs to pitch in a Rs 180 million ($ 4 million) bid security for participating in the global competitive bidding.

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