Himachal Pradesh Government Compulsorily Retires 2 IAS Officers

Shimla: Troubled by the functioning of two senior IAS (Indian Administrative Services), the Himachal Pradesh government compulsorily retired them on Friday with immediate effect, an action that has sent out a stern message into the bureaucracy.

The two officers whose services have been dispensed with are Desh Deepak, a 1983 batch and Vijeyandra Kumar, a 1987 batch IAS officer.

Deepak was otherwise due for retirement in September, 2017 and Kumar in February, 2017.

Prior to the two being compulsorily retired, the duo were drawing senior scale salaries without being assigned any work. The officers were handed out a 3 months salary before retirement.

The reason for the government action, said senior officials, was that these officers did not have a satisfactory record, which did not give the government confidence to entrust them with some responsibility.

The functioning of these officers was reviewed by a committee headed by chief secretary Asha Swaroop, last year and based on the recommendations of the committee, the central government approved the action of the state government, senior officials disclosed.

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