Cholera outbreak in Shimla

Shimla:Alarmed by the diarrohea cases reported from one locality of Sanjauli area turning out to be Cholera, health officials have stepped in to do a house to house check in the affected area so as to pick out and treat active cases early.

Director health Vinod Pathak in a communiqué stated that of the 16 samples taken for testing for testing at the IGMC microbiology department, as many as 5 samples have reported positive for V.Cholera (Serotype Ogawa). Of the remaining, 9 had e coli infection and two others were commansals.

He said that of the 6 water samples collected from the area on 14th July, as many as 5 have been found contaminated in lab tests.

The water sources reported contaminated are two at Dinghu Bawari, and one each at Malayana Bawari, IPH Bhatta Kuffer and Dinghu Mandir Bawari.

“The outbreak of diarrohea was due to contamination of drinking water with V, Cholera and E Coli infection,” said Pathak.

Meanwhile, the number of patients reporting with diarrohea has come down as only 4 cases turned up at the city’s hospital on Sunday. “Of the four, one needed to be admitted at IGMC hospital,” said the health director.

Health workers visited 208 houses in the affected area and have distributed ORS packets and chlorine tablets. The situation was being monitored on a day to day basis, he added.

Since 13 July, when the outbreak occurred, as many as 235 people were downed by diaorrhea and of them 34 needed to be hospitalized. Currently only 6 patients were in hospitals and the rest have been discharged, the health director stated.

The outbreak claimed the life of a 12 year child, who was brought dead to IGMC hospital on 14th July.

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