If you destroy forest, you will be destroyed –Devesh Kumar,IAS

Chamba : Deputy Commissioner advices the students

Deputy Commissioner of Chamba Devesh Kumar was presiding over the valedictory function of the 3rd batch of ‘Five Day Nature Study Camp’ organized at Youth Hostel Dalhousie by the Youth Hostels Association of India for the 6th year in succession. Eighty-three participants from 33 different schools of Maharastra and Gujarat were in this batch and they trekked from Dainkund to Joth , Lakharmandi to Kalatop and back to Dalhousie. They also took part in Rappelling and River Crossing activities. Kashyap Pandya, Vrunda Patel, Pankaj Nemade and Laukika were the student leaders of this group. As part of environment awareness the students collected bio-non degradable material along the trekking route.

The deputy commissioner distributed certificates to the students and while addressing them said, that these sorts of camps should have made you realize that we have to live with nature without harming it. If you destroy the forests, then that amounts to destroying yourself. It is good to know that you have collected plastic waste thrown in the jungle. But when you go to other places as tourist also you should do the same thing. Polythene is banned in Himachal, but tourists are not environment conscious and they litter in the forest area. You would have seen that some times jungle fires damage a lot of forest wealth. These fires are sometimes natural and sometimes man made. Some villagers think that if they burn the grass, then they can have a good crop in that place.

But sometimes these fires burn vast areas of trees and this even kills wild animals. This is the breeding time for wild animals and the fire even kills the new born. Water is very much essential for life, but in most places humans are polluting the water sources. Some of the students told the deputy commissioner that at Panchpulla they saw the water source polluted and in a very dirty condition.

Devesh Kumar further added that we should reduce usage of natural resources for our selfishness. If after this camp if you children take these decisions and ensure to spread this awareness to your friends, then this camp will be success.

The deputy commissioner distributed medals to the winners of the painting competition held on the topic ‘Water conservation’
LaukikaYadav,B.G.S.,HighSchool,Jalgaon,Chinmaye Chatale – North Point School, Dhule, Nidhi Patel – B.V.B. Narmada Vidhyalaya, Baruach,
SDM Dalhousie Shubh Karan Singh said that these camps help in inculcating leadership qualities in you and improve your ability to face challenges in life.

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