Reliance vendors in Himachal protest over non-payment of bills


Shimla: Reliance vendor’s held a protest demonstration outside company state headquarters here on Monday, with one of them even attempting suicide, alleging that they were ruined as the company was not releasing payments for works executed for the company.

A spokesman for the vendors said that Reliance was not honouring bills worth Rs 25 crore for erecting mobile towers in the state.

“We have been protesting for a long time about non-payment of about Rs 25 crore bills but the company is not paying any heed to them,” he said.

When contacted Reliance company sources said that there was a dispute over the bill amount as the quality of jobs executed were not upto the specified standards.

Talks were on and the vendors had been asked to correct the inflated bills so that the bills could be settled. Deficiencies in the executing the works have been pointed out to them and an interim amount of Rs 1 crore was even released in January, he said.

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