Giri scheme to be inaugurated tomorrow

KUMARHATTI: The much awaited Giri water lifting scheme will be inaugurated tomorrow. Involving total budget of Rs. 61.79 cr the scheme was supposed to end the water woes of region. The scheme will pump water supply to whole Solan town besides 114 villages falling under Dharampur and Kumarhatti areas. Initially it will meet water requirement of 98,468 people including 64,115 urban populations and rest belonged to rural areas.

The scheme has been designed in such way that by the year 2030 it will serve water supply to 2,36,462 people. Under scheme the 120-liter and 70-liter per day water supply will be given to per person based in urban and rural areas respectively.

The scheme when started in 2003 was initially involved total expenditure of Rs. 51.46 cr. At present the scheme has daily capacity to pump 14.72 million liter water. This capacity can be increased to 22.08 million liter based on the requirements.

Interestingly in scheme the total length of water distribution pipes has estimated to 90-km. Based on pipes size and to lift 1,100 meter water in one stage the scheme has marked as an engineer feet. Moreover the scheme is automatic operated with the help of a laptop. There is no need to appoint any special person to operate the scheme.

Under scheme the water will be lifted from Giri River near Gaura village. As per IPH estimates by 2036 the 28.35 lakh liter water is required daily to meet the requirement of 114 villages. The 6.27 lakh liter water will be lifted from current water sources and rest 22.08 lakh liter water to be lifted from Giri River.

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