CRI closure: PM intervention sought

KUMARHATTI: The Beopar Mandal, Kasauli has urged the Prime Minister to cancel Central Research Institute (CRI) closure order. In a letter sent to Dr. Manmohan Singh today the Mandal has pointed out that the changing of status and stoppage of production would result removal of majority of CRI staff but also hit the survival of about 90% of the population of Kasauli town as well. This population of town was infact directly or indirectly was depended on the existence on CRI, the letter said.

The Mandal pleaded that more than a century ago, Kasauli was chosen and preferred by the then medical authorities as the most suitable place to set up a unit for such activities. During the last 103 years, CRI introduced many life saving drugs, improved vaccines like anthracic vaccine, anti typhoid vaccine, Cholera vaccine, Polyvalent anti snake venom serum. Even today, CRI was the only producer of Anthracic serum and Yellow Fever vaccine in Asia. Due to mutation of virus, successful treatment of fatal rabies was not possible without Anti Rabid Serum even with latest tissue culture vaccines, stated the letter.

“The National Salmonella and Escherichia center in CRI was the only unit of its kind in India. It was not only typing these groups of Micro Organisms but also providing diagnostic antisera and reagents to help medical institutions for control and treatment of diseases due to these two groups of organisms.”

CRI was a sort of heritage and like a mother institution because all the other institution engaged in productions of immunibiologicals got their staff trained from this prestigious institute, Mandal pointed out. Even the scientists of neighbouring countries come to CRI to get benefited with excellent training imparted here recoded due to administration of vaccine/sera produced here. It clearly showed that the manufacturing and quality control technique of CRI were so perfect and standardized that no such mishap occurred till date. It means that only need was to renovate buildings which could be done in very short time under the direct vigilant control of Ministry, maintained Mandal in letter.

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