Gandhian leader lends support to Tibetan marchers

JAWALAMUKHI: Gandhian Leader Rajiv Vora today called on Indian Government not to stop the 100 Tibetans from taking “nonviolent march to Tibet”.

Reacting to Indian Government’s order issued Monday to stop the exiled Tibetan from Marching peacefully to their country, Mr Vora said, “India should not stop these Tibetans who are taking a non-violent march to Tibet”. “Instead, what Indian Government can do is to support Tibetan people in their non-violent struggle for freedom and help them reach a negotiated solution with China,” he said.

The preeminent interpreter of Mahatma Gandhi’s works, Mr Vora, said India being a prominent proponent and birth place of nonviolent principle should support Tibetan nonviolent movement instead of obstructing them.

e said India has duty to support nonviolent movement and described Tibetans as the only people in today’s world who have shown “complete adherence to nonviolence”. “Today, Tibetans are the only group of people who have maintained complete adherence to non-violence and we must save their deep-rooted culture of non-violence,” Mr Vora said as he briefly joined the Tibetan activists at the end of the third day of the march to express his solidarity. Vora, said he specifically came down at the activist rest camp to express his solidarity with the Tibetan people’s Non-violent movement.

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