No focus on the development of 400 years old town

Even big contribution of this historic town in the freedom movement did not brought light of development for its people after independence.

NAHAN: Surrounded with lush green forests of Shivalik hills the 400 years old Nahan town of Himachal Pradesh is situated on a beautiful hillock. Although the town had been Kingdom of Sirmour Riyasat and now district head quarter of Sirmour district, having a large number of temples, structures, palaces and several other things of highly historical importance but it had failed to get heritage status so far.

Residents have aired their voice at many occasions against the government’s apathy and sheer negligence and alleged that all major problems of the town were hanging fire since independence. Brave freedom fighters of Sirmour Riyasat made this town center of activities of Prajamandal movement . This town witnessed every color of freedom movement. Freedom fighters challanged King in his home town, without any fear of his military which had crushed many such movements in the past.

The movement got a boost after the announcement of Prajamandal movementists to get freedom from the cruel rule of Riyasati rulers who were just working as official agents of English empire. The sons of Nahan faced wreath of English and Riyasati rulers, gave their every thing to the mother land but after independence this town got only sheer political negligence in place of development so had been the treatment with the Sirmour district which had been put in the list of 200 most backward districts in the country by the govt of India.

Expressing his anguish over the negligence of Sirmour, revolutionist Urdu poet, film script writer and Prajamandal activist of Nahan, Mr Adil Sirmouri had expressed the cause of neglect of Sirmour in a revolutionist style ‘is dharti ke beton ne maan ki aazadi ke liya khoob lahu bahaya, magar wo bhool gaye ki jinda rehane ke liya jang jari rakhni padti hei’.

Famous for its all weather pleasant weather Nahan town was founded by the ruler of Sirmour Riyasat Raja Karam Prakash in 1621 A.D. A Vaishnav saint Baba Banwari Dass who was meditating on the top of this hill, in the dense forest of Cheer at the height of 960 meters from sea level advised King to establish his kingdom on this hillock. For the construction of King’s Palace saint vacated his Taposthali Ashram and entered in a cave where he meditated for the rest of his life, as per historians. The cave is situated inside the Shri Jaggan Nath temple in the town.

Agreeing with NGO’s and social workers of this four century old town, President of Nahan Nagrik Sabha and Mr. Digvijay Gupta expressed his deep concern over ‘pushing all the major development proposals of the town in dark corner’ and alleged that during past 60 years people in power did nothing for the town. He alleged that major problems faced by the residents were hanging fire since independence including construction of a by pass to divert the long route traffic.

He charged that only public statements were made to lay sewerage system in the town but there was nothing on the ground, while even tehsil level towns in the state had got sewerage system after independence. He said that soon after independence residents had demanded to make Nahan an educational hub by opening medical colleges and universities here keeping in view its environment and pleasant weather but contrary to this political leaders closed popular institutes like Art College and Evening Colleges of this town.

A veteran Congress leader who Chaired Nahan Municipal Committee for two terms as Chairman and one term as Vice Chairman Mr. Babu Ram Bansal also feels that historic town had been victim of political negligence ‘those who represented Nahan constituency never kept development of this town in their priority, they did vote politics,’ he alleged. He said that it was shame for the state that 140 years old Nahan Municipal Committee, which was second oldest Municipal Committee in the country and oldest in Northern India was facing deep financial crises for the past 25 years and did not have money even to pay salaries.

Describing in painful voice Mr Bansal described that even after several assurances no industry was established between Nahan and Banethi and Jamta. Revival of Nahan foundry, the oldest foundry of Northern India, did not materialize even after 35 years, this issue was tossed as main election plank since 1977, he added. Only government college of Nahan has failed to get its own complex for the past over 30 years. Despite best efforts by the IPH department, residents were crying for drinking water, the town was getting only one time supply and that too irregular and insufficient. Nahan town was facing regular monthly power cuts and irregular supply which was brought in the notice of Chief Minister also by the residents. He demanded that Chief Minister Mr. Vir Bhadra Singh himself should take account of problems faced by the residents of Nahan town for the past several decades and order effective solutions.

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  1. says: Rishi

    Neglect of Nahan is the doing of local politicians like Mr. Bansal and other bigger names who for thier short term gains did nothing to help when they were in helm of affair ,we should not forget that the first CM of though hailing from here did nothing nor other polticians and ofcourse officers in senior position. We at Nahan also donot give due regard and respect to the sons of soil who can make the difference so the problems faced by the residents of Nahan town for the past several decades will continue as water from Giri will quench the thirst of Delhi no Nahan

  2. says: S R Pundir

    Dear reader, thanks for comments. We hope that our readers comes from intellectual class of the society and expected to comment after considering the facts not drawing by the immotions. As you commented regrding first C.M., Himachal Nirmata Dr Y S Parmar who dedicated his whole life for the welfare and upliftment of Hilly people of Himachal Pradesh. In the absence of indepth Historical and devemental study of Himachal, today very few people understands the contribution of that great leader who was actually ‘Devta of Pahari people’. If we go back in the history we find Dr Parmar behind progress made on every front by the state. Himachal is because of him and so is Sirmour.

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