Himachal Miniature painting series!

And for those of you who thought we are just NOMADS, a large series of different Himachali style miniature paintings is coming! I assure you, the wait will be worth it!

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  1. says: Anonymous

    Himachali style comprises of Guler, Kangra, Bilaspur, Tihra Sujanpur, Kullu , Nurpur and Chamba!

    However it is called Pahari style, which includes above and Garhwal(from Uttranchal) and Basholi(from J&K) styles also!

  2. says: sumir

    Hi Katooch

    Tell some thing about Shiva Bari at Gagrete.

    Being a history teacher and teaching history as western historians have written about always leave some unsatisfaction.

    I am intrigued because it is also called Drona Nagari. There might have been a city. The Pandyas and Kauravas came to the city of Drona.

    What do know about it? I go there occassionaly being situated in Punjab. While on the way to Chintapurni Maa, I stop over that sylvanian place. Two new buildings, one of a hotle another of MBD press are ruinning the beauty of the place.

    Your views please.

  3. Dear Sumir,

    So nice to know your views! Of course more and more commercialization of HP would ruin the beauty of HP, however being a state without much of industry we are facing the unemployement crunch a lot due to ever increasing population, so something needs to done about that!

    I would let you know more about Drona Nagari after little research at my end!

    Thanks for the comments!


  4. Dear Sumir,

    Drona Nagari as you said is situated on the banks of river Swan or Sombhadra in distt. Una on the road from Hoshiarpur to Kangra. It was a practising range for the Guru Dronacharya,s students and not a nagri or city.Pupils of Guru Dronacharya use to practise archery during those days in drona.Guru Dronacharya,s ashram was a perfect hinterplace at that time and it was just impossible to access.Thick forest around Shiv Bari which exists till date proves the fact.Shiv Bari is the temple inside the DRON NAGRI which was built by DRONACHARYA as his daughter JAYATI was a deciple of lord Shiva.
    Himachal Industrial Development Corporation is promoting Gagret as another industrial hub and this will ruin the scenity and historical value of the place.

    Hope HP government will wake up soon.

    Avinash Minhas

  5. says: Avinash Minhass

    Hi Bhiya
    How r u? I want to publish some stories of hidden himachal where I have been.can I publish these stories and how.Regards to all your family members.
    Dr. Avinash Minhass

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