Hidden Himachal!

This is our Himachal, of course! All images can be enlarged so please have look on
every single one by clicking and see the beauty of our Hills! I have taken these snaps from the website of TAKEO KAMIYA
and you can EMAIL TAKEO KAMIYA here! I apologize for any wrong reference and your comments would help!
A small temple of Square Tower type, Gazta

Adi Brahma temple of four tiered tower, Khokan

Ambika Devi temple of Pent Roof type, Nirmand

Chamunda Devi Temple at Mindal village

Gautam Rishi Temple at the end of Goshal village

temple on the back of the mountains of the hights of 4,000m, Sangla

Looking down at Bhandar from the entrance balcony of the Temple tower at Chaini

Inside of Adi-Purka Temple on the top of a mountain at Tihri

Maheshwara Temple at Chergaon (Chagaon), photo by Shin-ya Takagi

Maheshwara Temple at Sungra, photo July 1993

Newly reconstructed temple, Pujarli

Old temple of Square tower type in Narain

Parashar Rishi temple by the side of Parashal lake, wooden detail

Parashar Rishi temple

Parvati Temple, Killal ( photo by Shin-ya Takagi )

Piri Naga Temple, Sapni

Reconstructed Narayan Dewta Temple in Narain village

Temple Tower and the village of Chaini, 17- 18th century

Temple Tower and Village of Chaini, top two stories lost in
the Kangra
earthquake of 1905

Upper part of Baoindara Devta Temple

Village of Devidar and Square Tower type Temple

Granaries constructed thoroughly by wood at Chitkul village

Kii Gompa (monastery) on the mountain recalling gompas
at Tikse or Chemre in

Kothkai Fort sorrounded by deep river on three sides

Outside Stairs of Yogini Temple, Chaini

Maheshwara Temple with roof covered by wood, Sungra

Baoindara Devta Temple of oblong tower type under repair, Bachhonch

Durga Temple, c.17th century, Pangna

A girl gives the proportional scale of the stairway of Jogini Temple

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  1. says: Dave

    My Goodness! What a beautiful part of India. Thank you for your pictures. I don’t know if I am ready to ascend those outside stairs at Jogini, however …. Simply magnificient!

  2. says: Suzanne

    I had a dream of a temple at Sungra, I searched and found your site. What a delight! You have a gift of taking beautiful images, and I thank you from my heart.

  3. says: rachna

    i ws amazed to find these awesome pictures& collection..,it is really an outstanding effort.,,………to get to view all d temples……tht makes me spellbound…….

    i treasure the facinating and apealing……pictures…

    ……………………luv&luck ……rachna..(new delhi)

  4. says: Aryaman Stefan

    these impressing temples remind me of norvegian medevial wooden churches. Would like to celebrate puja in Himachal. Thanks for sharing these impressions – Aryaman

  5. says: Tejinder Singh

    Thanks for providing such beautiful pictures of hidden himachal . I was found of such dashing pictures. I will try to visit these places. once again Many-2 Thanks.

  6. says: Sangeeta

    My husband and I are going on a biking trip to Kinnaur. I was searcing for some temples around that reagion and chanced upon your site. You you be able to please guide as to how to reach, Sungra and What other places pr temples we can see . We will be staying at Rekong Peo and sangla. It would be gr8 if you could give us some info on the temples to see around that region.

  7. says: soumen

    please advice me, how to reach this temple ?
    (photo title – temple on the back of the mountains of the heights of 4,000m, Sangla)

    1. says: Avnish Katoch

      By Train: The nearest narrow gauge railway station is at Shimla 250 km. ( approx.)

      By Air: Nearest airport is Jubbar Hatti ( from Shimla to Kalpa ) 244 km.

      By Road: Almost each and every part of the state is linked by roads. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation is running its buses covering the whole state.

      Buses: http://himachal.gov.in/hrtc/

  8. says: jigar bavishi

    I am Gujarati film producer from Ahmedabad.My firts film received 8 Guj Stat Awards.My future plan is to settle in HP and make film their.Is it possible?please guide and what to tell about your creation….fantastic for the people like me..thank u thank u again.Jigar.09898 383 483

  9. says: Aaron Carson

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the names of the districts or Tehsils for some of the temples, as I don’t necessarily know the villages by name. I’d be particularly interested in visiting the Parvati Temple at Killal but I don’t know exactly where that is. I’ve always found it strange that the Himalaya is the domain of Goddess Parvati, but there are so few temples dedicated to her in Himachal.

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