Kangra Cooperative Bank Posts Records Rs 87.53 Cr Profit In 2021-22 – Bhardwaj

Dharamshala: Management of Kangra Central Cooperative Bank (KCCB) has stated that the bank has recorded a profit of over Rs 87 crore for the 2021-22 financial year

Chairman of KCCB Dr Rajiv Bhardwaj stated here, “From a loss of over 45 crores, in four years there has been a turnaround in the bank and we are happy to report an overall profit of Rs 87.53 crore for the 2021-22 financial year.”

“The profit of Rs 87,53,76,769/- for the last financial year is all because of the hard of all the bank employees and the trust posed by over 18.41 lakh customers of the bank,” said Bhardwaj.

He said that growth of the bank in the past 4 years is more than Rs 3000 crores, the per branch growth has also risen from Rs 64 crore to Rs 77 crore in this period.

Source: Kangra Central Cooperative Bank Website/Statistics

The bank is now on the growing side of profits, the managements targets are now to reduce the non-performing assets (NPAs) of the bank,” said the chairman.

About future plans, Bhardwaj said, “KCCB is all prepared to provide new-age digital banking solutions such as UPI facility which should be made available by 15th July as trials are now in the final stages.

One of the oldest banking institutions in North India, the Kangra Central Cooperative Bank was founded in Dharamshala on 17th March 1920.

The cooperative bank operates in only 5 districts of Himachal Pradesh and has 216 branches, 103 ATMs and13 extension counters that are spread over 18 Zonal Offices.

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