Tibetan Government Welcomes Appointment Of Uzra Zeya As Special Coordinator For Tibetan Issues

Dharamshala: Emphasising the support that the Tibetan cause finds with successive US Government, Penpa Tsering, president of the Tibetan Government in), on Tuesday congratulated under-secretary UZRA Zeya on being appointed as the US Special Coordinator for Tibetan issues by Antont Blinken, US Secretary of State.

Speaking to the media Penpa Tsering, who is the elected Sikyong (president/political leader) of the global Tibetan diaspora with the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) based here, said, “We really look forward to working with the Special Coordinator for Tibet in her new capacity.”

He said that the appointment of a new US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues comes within a year after the Biden administration assumed the office in January.

Penpa Tsering, president of the Tibetan Government in exile speaking to the media at Dharamshala on 21.12.2021

Tsering said “I would like to thank President Joseph Biden and Secretary of State Anthony J Blinken for the appointment. The United States has been one of the strongest supporters of the Tibetan people. Successive US Presidents and Congress have welcomed and met His Holiness the Dalai Lama including conferring the Congressional Gold Medal on His Holiness in 2007. The US government also provides significant humanitarian assistance to the Tibetan people. As such, the Tibetan people remain deeply grateful and indebted to the United States.”

About the new special coordinator for Tibet Penpa Tsering said, “she is a career diplomat and she spent all her life in diplomacy and she is also of Indian origin, her parents are from Bihar. We will be really looking forward to working with the Under Secretary and considering the background that she has a very strong background having worked in the state department in various capacities. She has a deep knowledge of how things work, it’s time to move on and see how we can co-operate and make the Tibet issue more visible and stronger in the eyes of the international community and make it incumbent on the Chinese government to make sure that the issue needs to be or the Sino-Tibet conflict needs to be resolved.”

“I look forward to meeting  Uzra Zeya ji   soon and working towards resolving the Sino-Tibetan conflict based on the Middle Way Approach,” Tsering added.

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