Work From Manali Homestays

Manali: Prior to coronavirus lockdowns causing massive disruptions, whenever a company approved a ‘work from home’ request, it was a dream come true. Those were the days when working from home was a once-in-a-while affair for many.

A ‘Work From Mountains’ workstation at a Manali Homestay

But now, amid the pandemic, it has become the ‘new normal safe routine’ bringing with it monotony, boredom and depression. Stepping out, working with colleagues around, relishing street food and enjoying coffee breaks have all become memories of past now.

If you are irritated with working from your bedroom, there’s one way to break the tedium. That’s working from the mountains. Now you can plan a ‘workstation’ in Manali and do your office responsibilities from home stays in an around Manali valley sheltered by lofty mountains.

A homestay in scenic Manali valley

Aseem Single, who moved out from Delhi’s ‘work from home’ environment into a Manali homestay workstation says, “previously, we were used to being back home after work where a neat and clean bed was a welcome comfort. The same bed under these trying times has turned into our workplace replacing the office desk. When we were hungry in office we headed to the pantry. It has been replaced by the house kitchen. In fact, if we log our travel time now, it’s mostly within the four walls of the house. Getting off the computer screen and moving from bedroom to kitchen, from kitchen to the balcony and from the balcony to the drawing-room.”

What a relief from a monotonous WFH enviroment

“Fed up with the boring routine, I decided to take a socially-distanced vacation and took up the exciting offer of ‘Work From Mountains’ a new venture that provided cozy work rooms in the lap of nature,” said Aseem. “The cool weather, lush greenery, fresh air and the splendid vistas fascinate you, soothe tired eyes and improve work efficiency. It truly is a great option,” he added.

Sanjay Dutta, an engineer by qualification but is a journalist by choice. He has worked for the premier new agency Press Trust of India and leading English daily Indian Express. With more than a decade of experience, he has been highlighting issues related to environment, tourism and other aspects affecting mountain ecology. Sanjay Dutta lives in a village close to Manali in Kullu valley of Himachal.

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