Tata AIG’s Travel Insurance is the Smart Choice for These 4 Reasons

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Whenever you plan to go on a trip abroad, the two most common questions that pop up into the mind are – from where you should book the tickets and where you will stay during the trip. Amidst all the planning, people often forget to think about travel insurance. It is something worth considering while planning a foreign trip with friends or family. Buying travel insurance online comes with several benefits, which are crucial to making your trip comfortable and stress-free.

Just like any other plan, the right choice of online travel insurance is crucial to get the benefits you expect. The reputation of the insurance company says a lot about the benefits you can get. It is where choosing Tata AIG as your online travel insurance partner is a smart choice. Genuine positive reviews from their policyholders is yet another factor that helps people choose Tata AIG’s travel insurance online without hassles.

Here are four reasons why buying Tata AIG travel insurance online is the right choice:

  • No Worries About Flight Delays

Think of the situation in which you reach the airport to board the flight to a foreign destination. While you are full of excitement, you get to know that the flight is delayed because of severe weather disturbances. What will you do then? Does flight delay mean loss of money to you?

You need not worry about flight delays when you buy Tata AIG’s travel insurance online. Depending on the policy you choose, they will reimburse reasonable expenses if your trip gets delayed for more than 12 hours due to a hazard covered in the policy terms.

  • Coverage for Baggage Loss

Loss of baggage is a common mishap that happens during a foreign trip. Unlike being in your native country, losing luggage in an international destination can make all the thrill and fun fade away. The situation becomes even more critical in case an individual has all the essentials, clothing, and passport in the lost baggage.

However, you can relax if you choose Tata AIG’s travel insurance online. The insurance plan will pay benefits in case the checked baggage gets permanently lost during the trip. Once the common carrier verifies the claims, you will get the amount reimbursed, subject to the deductible of your policy.

  • Passport Loss Covered

Your passport paves the way for you to fulfill your dream of traveling abroad. It serves as your identity proof while you are on foreign land. It also means that loss of passport after you have reached a foreign land may land you in several troubles. You will face hassles in returning to your home country.

The simplest way to avoid such hassles is to buy Tata AIG’s travel insurance online. As per the policy terms, they will reimburse the expenses of obtaining a duplicate or new passport. While purchasing the policy, make sure you check the exclusions in the policy words that talk explicitly about the loss of passport.

  • Medical Care Covered

Traveling to a foreign land or distant destination often cause health issues to many people. It can be the result of weather differences or food intake. In any case, becoming sick or injured in a foreign country can cost a lot of money. The financial loss grows even more in case of several health problems that need hospitalization. You can avoid such a loss by buying Tata AIG’s travel insurance online. They will reimburse the reasonable medical expenses up to the maximum limit per disease or injury, as stated in the policy wordings.

The last thing that you want to face during a trip is paying a hefty amount because of unforeseen events. It makes buying travel insurance online from Tata AIG a good idea for all tours. Being a renowned insurer in India, Tata AIG offers comprehensive travel insurance policies that best suit the needs of a traveler. Don’t wait until the last minute to buying travel insurance online.

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