Coronavirus Casts Shadow On Mandi Holi Colours

Mandi: Gaiety, music and large gatherings were missing at this year Holi, a festival of colours, as the fear of coronavirus kept people away from gatherings and the few functions that were held in the township here.

In a departure from previous celebrations, there was no DJ dance party at Seri Manch, where traditionally a large number of people sprinkling colours on each other and dancing to lively music used to held every year.

Festivities in the rural areas was also subdued because of the fear of contacting unknown people and the awareness drives launched by the district health authorities about taking preventive steps to keep yourself safe from coronavirus fears that has shaken global tourism and business markets.

Mandi has its own tradition and style of celebrating Holi. The main celebration is held at Seri Manch, near Indira Market. The festival gets started with paying homage and playing Holi with Raj Madhav Rao, the presiding deity of Mandi.

A senior journalist who has spent more than a decade in the profession, working for Amar Ujala and Aapka Faisla.

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