Undergrad Female Enrolment At IIT Mandi On The Rise

For the 2019-20 session IIT Mandi has launched 3 new B.Tech programmes in Data Science and Engineering, Engineering Physics and an Integrated dual-degree programme in Bio-Engineering.

Mandi: Surpassing the laid out target of admitting at least 17% female students, IIT Mandi has achieved a female enrolment of 20.22 % for the B.Tech 2019-20 academic session.

Girl students enrolling at the engineering institute has been steadily increasing, year after year, and this year out of a total of 262 admissions, 53 are girl students.

In 2015 there were only 8 girl students, which dropped to 6 in 2016 but started to rise after 2017 when 22 females were admitted. The number rose to 38 girl students in the 2018-19 batch admissions.

For the MSc 2019-20 course, out of the 103 students admitted, 36 are girl students.

IIT Mandi is one of the best IITs for young women engineers in the making. The institute provides a merit scholarship including full tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend of Rs.1,000/- in the first year irrespective of category and parent’s income. The merit scholarship will continue for four years of B. Tech. programs, subject to good academic performance of the candidate.

IIT Mandi (South Campus)

IIT Mandi welcomed the new batch of undergraduate students for the new academic session on 25th July 2019 with the students and their parents being introduced to a special 5 Week Induction Programme.

The aim of this unique fully faculty-mentored Induction Programme is to provide training to the new students and help them in the transition from school to college, to improve their respective skills and proficiency, and to appreciate the significance of engineering’s societal connect.

Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves, Director, IIT Mandi, in his welcome address to the studends said, “Disruptive technologies are taking the world by storm. Young engineers must embrace the change and be at par with this rapidly evolving world.

For the new session IIT Mandi has launched three new B.Tech programmes in Data Science and Engineering, Engineering Physics and the Integrated dual-degree programme in Bio-Engineering.

These rigorous programmes will emphasize on the integration of theory and practice. To provide an all–inclusive learning experience to the students, laboratories and practicums will be integral part of these courses,” said Gonsalves

The B.Tech. programme being offered by the institute has several additional features including Minor program and a B.Tech. Honors course. The Minor program will help students in gaining expertise in areas like Management, Intelligent Systems, Applied Physics, and German language, outside the major course discipline. Students can increase their credit score by opting B.Tech. Honors.

This premium institute has a unique course curriculum based on project-based and inter-disciplinary learning, and in the past two years has launched six new Master’s programmes.

Highlighting the unique aspects of the curriculum, Dr. Pradeep Parameswaran, Dean (Academics) saidIIT Mandi believes in challenging rigid disciplinary boundaries, and the broad-based UG curriculum emphasising practicum-based courses reflect our interdisciplinary outlook.

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