Kullu Town On The Banks Of Beas River Faces A Water Crisis

Kullu: Town blessed with two water sources, one Beas river and another Sarvari tributary, is crying for water these days leaving people irked and raising questions over 24 hours water supply scheme that was soon to be completed as was announced by former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh last year.
”We are not getting water supply regularly (which is twice a day). Summers have just been started not on it’s peak but the way water supply has been badly affected so far, is enough to reveal department’s claims to be well preparedness serving public. If water supply twice a day is suffering how would be 24 hours supply scheme implemented, one can suppose it,” says Muni Lal Sharma, a resented resident of Sultanpur.
Kullu women gather to discuss water shortage woes
Expressing resentment over apathetic attitude of Irrigation and Public Health (IPH) department Yatin Sharma another local of DurgaNagar said, ”It seems that department has nothing to do with water scarcity problem being faced by public except giving false assurance. We are crying for proper water supply but get nothing except false assurances from department as after getting informed through a post on social media two days ago SE, IPH Kullu, Devesh Bhardwaj ordered uninterrupted water supply in area. Initially we all were happy knowing our problem to be considered by department’s head himself but the next day all joy vanished away with the total water supply prohibited throughout the day. So where should public go? Even a water storage tank built behind my house by IPH with the cost of Rs.3 crore for the purpose of 24 hours water supply but it has developed a huge crack before being functional.”
”If department tightens it’s noose on offenders, problem could be sorted out to a great extent. As at many places, some clever people are using water stealthily through main pipes for their homes and fields irrigation resulting in less water supply to connected tanks leaving public deprived of water. Strict action against offenders is must in such cases.”
But IPH department claims about proper management to cope with the problem. Devesh Bhardwaj, SE, IPH Kullu when contacted by Hill Post he said, ”Department is aware about the popularity of Kullu and Manali towns among tourists so trying it’s best to facilitate uninterrupted water supply. But as far as water scarcity in interior areas is concerned, department is looking for natural water sources nearby to be utilised to cope with the problem. Hand pumps are also being installed at many places. Miscreants adding to problem wouldn’t be spared at any rate.”
A natural spring having gone dry
Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kullu, Yunus let the media know about the plans the administration had drawn up to meet the water shortage problem. He said, ”Yes, at many areas in district water shortage is being faced by public. But with a planned way shortage could be handled to a great extent. Recently a meeting was held with department where facilitating 25 hand pumps in affected areas and ensuring water supply with the help of water tanks have been ordered. Department also have been asked to work on all drinking water supply schemes carefully to cope with the problem. Many helpline numbers have also been released for public convenience.”
He also said about take stern action against offenders involving in stealthily using drinking water for irrigation purpose causing drinking water shortage for others.
Being a tourists’ favourite destination basic infrastructure including water facility needs to be strengthened soon otherwise such problem would affect tourism industry badly.

A theater artist, a script writer and a TV anchor, news is something that grips Renuka. She lives in Kullu.

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