Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launches National e-Agri Market

Farmers in HP going online!

By the click of a mouse the agriculture markets of Dhalli and Solan have gone online and have been linked with the other markets of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the country’s National Agriculture Market (NAM) online market on 14th April at a inauguration function held at Delhi.

modi + nam

In the first stage,  21 markets have be connected on this e-platform. Agriculturists by using this platform would now be able to participate in online auctions, sales and financial transactions.

This enhanced digital platform will be effective in bringing 585 agricultural markets of the country at par by 2018. By empowering the farmer to sell his produce to a countrywide market, the e-Agri market strives to attain remunerative rates for them hope to free the community of the stranglehold that local agents and markets command over them.


The two markets of Dhalli and Solan will get equipped with the required infrastructure, that would help the farmers to make secure online transactions. They will also be enabled to make and receive payments online. Farmers will be able to access this platform from their smartphones.

The government plans to connect 200 markets by the end of 2016, and 220 by the end of 2017. A budget of 220 crore has been kept aside for this project. The farmers will now have a final say, on whether they want to sell their produce locally or on the online platform. The purpose of this initiative is to empower the farmers, so that they get an opportunity to increase their income, and get the right price for their produce.


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