Duality of Change

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. Change is intrinsic to whole of the universe. However, Man being a part of the universe has found it quite hard to deal with this everlasting phenomenon. It discomfitures the most when he is basking in his comfort zones and suddenly kicked out. He feels like being driven by change, contrary to his desire to driving it. There are times when we crave for a change and times when we can’t even imagine it and it hurts in the latter case. If you belong to a majority of Human race which finds it difficult to take this bull by the horns, then this piece of writing is definitely made for you.

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The amazing thing about philosophy is it sees a single thing from many perspectives and ultimately ends up with two extremes whether it’s good or bad, right or wrong etc. In the same way, we can divide “Change” into two extremes. The one which is happening outside of your mind i.e. “Change in reality”, the other which can happen inside your mind i.e. “Change in Perception”. Most of the times, the “Change in reality” is as usual a story as it is the cycle of day and night, since none is under one’s control. In the latter, I have used “can” as most of us don’t prefer to exploit our supercomputer sitting at the top of us. But this supercomputer can definitely bring you out of the ordeals which you face in the initial days of the change you are the victim of. In simple words, let us retaliate to what is happening outside. Let us change the perception about the change. Being more elaborative, let me give you an example: You need to get up early in the morning for some crazy reason. Now getting up early is “Change in reality”. Your job is to change the perception of getting up early as an arduous task to a salubrious activity. The problem should get solved unless you are crazily shackled by laziness.

You have to evolve inside-out. Once you gain this skill of “changing your perception, you will actually start changing the reality. You will be at the steering rather being a passenger.

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