Kullu doctors threaten to resign, demand security at regional hospital

Kullu: Doctors and health workers at Kullu regional hospital today held a protest and have threatened to resign because of an insecure working environment as some doctors and other staff members were manhandled by drunk miscreants on Friday (13.3.2015) night.

Doctors, health workers protest security concerns at Kullu
Doctors, health workers protest security concerns at Kullu

Expressing resentment before the media about security concerns at the hospital, Dr Baldev Thakur chief medical officer of Kullu spoke disclose to the media, “It’s not the first time when doctors and medical staff have been man-handled and humiliated.”

Demanding enough security to deliver medical services free of fear or hindrances, he said, ‘two incidents of abusing and man handling of doctors and health workers by drunk intruders have occurred in this very week. One was on Wednesday and another on Friday.”

“What kind of services can one deliver when one fears for one’s personal security,” said Dr Thakur.  Traumatized doctors are ready to resign from their post in absence of strict action against miscreants,” he added.

When contacted by Hill Post, assistant superintendent police (ASP) – Kullu, Nihal Singh confirmed that an incident of drunk intruders having entered the hospital and threatening doctors and staff members had been registered.

A First Information Report (FIR) has been registered and five people have been arrested, said Nihal Singh. “The security around the hospital has been tightened up,” he added.

Despite the police claims of tight security measures, intruders had dared to enter the hospital premises again after first having caused a ruckus two days earlier.

The Kullu branch of Himachal Pradesh Doctors Association has condemned the incident, demanded stern action against the culprits and sought providing of tight security for health workers to discharge their duties.

Photo by Renuka Gautam 

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