Nalagarh royal in open letter lambastes Himachal CM

Dear Raja Sahib,

You may be surprised to receive this letter, in the interest of Himachal I have no fear in conveying my thoughts to you. You may find this opinionated but,  if so, its only because you are cocooned from reality.

Your two year old Govt’s performance has indeed been dismal. You have headed many Governments before but the present one is devoid of significant achievements and you appear to be more engaged in political vendetta of the opposition and even your own party men!

Perhaps your health is failing you and that energy and drive is missing ?   [ —————Edited————-]

But the expected thrust in governance did not take place. The employees, senior & junior are disillusioned and slack. No constructive work seems to progress effectively. People feel your time is consumed in cases against the Dhumals and also your own enquiries. The state is bankrupt and a barrage of retired persons are in key positions?

Since I started my public life in 1977 I have not seen the condition of most development works in such a sorry state. Roads in the state are deplorable in most areas. Mind you I traverse many districts in the state myself regularly. Traffic is chaotic, fatal accidents are common.

Your fondness of section 118 of the State Land Reforms and Ceiling Act has become a massive cess pool of corruption from bottom to top ! This law has stunted the progress of the state to an unrecoverable condition. What you assess as its value is misplaced. It certainly has not made landowners labour on their holdings it certainly made them poorer and undervalued their land value enormously!

Tourism and Industry your mainstays after Power projects have suffered endlessly.

Your reputation as a honest and progressive leader is hanging by a thread. Lakhs  of unemployed youth would have been adjusted in the Industry and Tourism sector alone had this law been scrapped or heavily diluted. A privileged person gets 118 permission in a record 9 days and others have to wait years or be denied in toto. In this age of commerce you have to play catch up and not discourage entrepreneurs. Our brothers in other states cannot be called outsiders for narrow reasons. The time and money involved in getting permissions under 118 deters investors and you wanted to make it more stringent until your law dept intervened !

You cannot recover ground after the Lok Sabha election results in the Vidhan Sabha three years hence. You threatened the Powers in Delhi before the elections now what trump card do you think you are holding? I have, believe me, no ambition to be engage in active politics but have every right to be a responsible citizen and expose the hollowness of the present Govt.

Your back door entry into State politics is not forgotten. Your acts of vendetta neither so.

Your detractors in large number meet an unresponsive high command regularly. You only like to be surrounded by puppets any talent makes you develop an allergy. One day when Rahul finds his feet firmly the powers will be more responsive, we are all confident.

Meantime you carry on saying there is no dissidence, carry on filing cases against your opponents and saving your own skin from the IT, CBI & Court cases. People are very wise and know exactly what’s going on.

Everyone now feels your long career will end in a whimper. In all these years you have not repeated a Govt after a full term even once. Twice we were both elected as Congress legislators when the tally of our party remained in single figures ! Something must be amiss.

If you take any step to unleash vendetta against me I will go straight to Sonia and Rahul and tell them that in 1983 I did not want to be CM  but it was Rajiv who wanted me to be.

31 yrs of harassment is all that I have the capacity to grin and bear!

With kind regards,

Vijayendra Singh

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