Things You Can Do In Shimla On New Year’s Eve  

Come New Year’s Eve and Shimla goes a little crazy and unapologetic. Youngsters and travelers of all ages reach the city, in order to bring in the New Year. Everywhere you go you will see large crowds, laughing, singing and festivity. Shimla turns into a huge picnic party on New Year’s Eve.

Shimla welcomes each and everybody with open arms, and manages to mesmerize the weary traveler each and every time. After all the Pahari hospitality is famous worldwide. The charm of the bygone era and the modern facilities together make is the perfect destination to ring in the New Year, with family and friends.

 1. Wake Yourself To Azure Skies And Fresh Air of Shimla

Wake Yourself To Azure Skies And Fresh Air of Shimla_1

If you happen to be an early riser, witness the rising sun, spread it’s warmth on the hills. We bet the clear blue sky and the towering mountains will force you to fall in love with the city all over again.

Start your day early or at least be ready for the action after lunch. Plan a trip with friends who resonate with the same frequency and are up to the festivities. It is going to be a long evening and an even longer night after all.

2. Take a Walk on the Mall Road and Ridge

Take a Walk on the Mall Road and Ridge_2
Image Source: Trip Hills

We advise you dress your best and reach the Mall by early evening. Start walking from the lift end. Soon you will be able to sense, that the Mall road is the beating heart of Shimla.

All around you will see people looking their best, shopping, eating or just strolling. The neo-Gothic structures and the swirling crowds will actually make you feel that you have been transported to a small European town.

3. Grab a Cup of Coffee on the Mall Road

Grab a Cup of Coffee on the Mall Road_3

Stop for coffee at any of the cafes on the Mall and rejuvenate yourself with a cup of hot coffee. Wake & Bake is a popular hangout for youngsters. Indian Coffee House and Baljees are the other old and trusted names for tea and coffee and a quick snack.

You can also try any of the scrumptious bakery goods being sold in the age old bakeries here. Trishool, Embassy, Café Sol, Beekays have a lot to offer when it comes to baked goodies.

4. Laze, Gaze At The Huge Crowds From A Bench Near The Town Hall

Laze, Gaze At The Huge Crowds From A Bench Near The Town Hall_4

If you get tired walking grab a seat at the benches near the historic Town Hall and watch the world go by. A perfect place to observe the tourists and the locals, take a break. It is pretty cold at this time of the year, be well prepared for the snow and below freezing temperatures.

5. Stroll Lakkar Bazaar for Wooden Souvenirs

Stroll Lakkar Bazaar for Wooden Souvenirs_5
Image Source: Himachal Tourist Places

If you want to carry some souvenirs back home, walk towards the Lakkar Bazar or the Tibetan market, but be ready to bargain. A visit can also be paid to the now restored Gaiety Theater, and witness the rich cultural heritage of the city.

When you are done Malling, head towards the Ridge and be ready to see an even bigger crowd there.

6. Try Juice at HMPC Juice Bar on the Ridge

Try Juice at HMPC Juice Bar on the Ridge_6

On most years the city administration makes arrangements of a live band and DJ here. Tourists are even encouraged to do some Karaoke singing, while getting cheered on by the festive crowd.

The HPMC juice bar on the Ridge is totally loaded with all kinds of local juices and squashes. Try some and revive your energy for the evening.

7. It Might Even Snow If the Weather Gods Permit

It Might Even Snow If the Weather Gods Permit_7

If you’re lucky the weather Gods might shine on you and it might snow this time. Shimla covered with soft falling snow, is a sight that you will cherish for life. However, like we mentioned earlier ensure you are wearing the right shoes and gear in order to take on any unexpected weather changes.

8. Walk to the Picturesque Kali Bari Temple

Walk to the Picturesque Kali Bari Temple_8

If you still have some time in hand, take a long walk to Kali Bari temple, located at the other end of the Mall. Dedicated to Goddess Kali and Goddess Shymala, the architecture of the temple is similar to the Kali Bari temple in Kolkatta.

The energy of the place will revive your soul and make you feel rejuvenated. Seek blessings from the Goddess for the coming New Year.

9. Party All Night

Besides non-stop entertainment programs that continue on the Ridge, every other Hotelier in the town arranges for independent parties for Hotel Guests.

Some of them may charge extra for entry to these parties, while some may offer them as part of the package. if you are booked in the right time, there is nothing more beautiful than Shimla to welcome the New Year.

Party All Night_9


A word of caution, Shimla get over crowded during the New Year’s Eve. The city has limited public parkings. If you do intend to spend the New Year Bash here, plan in time, make your hotel books well ahead.

Try and reach at least a day before in order to get yourself organized before the New Year’s eve. Be wary of hotel agents and porters who might fleece you. Be a responsible tourist.

Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire.

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