The wearable futon that lets you rest in peace at work

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Futon is to a Japanese what a sleeping bag is to an American. It is a thin, comfortable mattress that can be rolled up and stored in the morning. Yes we know our description does not remotely look or sound similar to what IKEA calls a futon. But the wearable futon that we are talking about today has the best wearable features of a Japanese futon and the usability of a couch that can be pulled out.
The designer King Jim, has got mixed reviews for his innovative rest machine. Priced at 4,500 yen the futon can actually be worn over your work clothes. Whenever you want to rest just wear this futon and take power nap. It has separated legs, so if you want to take a stroll before the nap, feel free to do so.

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Let’s make it clear, sleeping if you reach early or after work is not uncommon in Japan. The polyester wearable futon fits perfectly over office clothes so no need to carry a change. Amazingly it can be folded and stored in box that measures as small as 12.4 x 5.3 x 9.1 inches. In other words when you are done napping, just fold it, tuck it in the box and leave it with the rest of the stationery on the desk or just throw it in the drawer.

The futon might seem silly for now, but with natural disasters, earthquakes and power outages becoming common by the day, a personal futon to just lie down and stretch your legs is a welcome option.  Orders open from September 26th.

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