Mardani, a waste of time and sensibilities (Movie Review)

'Mardani',the much talked about Bollywood release, left me terribly disturbed. After watching the film, last night, the first question that popped into head was, why the hell was it made tax free in some states?

‘Mardani’, the much talked about latest Bollywood release, left me terribly disturbed. After watching the film, last night, the first question that popped into head was, why the hell was it made tax free in some states?

Provoked, I had to share my opinion with all.

We have Rani Mukherjee Chopra, with a lot of weight in khaki trousers, plain shirts and a plain Jane plait, pretending to be the savior of women and young girls, on the streets of Mumbai and Delhi. Human trafficking and child abuse is such a sensitive issue. Sadly, it has become a topic to make brownie points in this country.

Can anyone even put themselves in a parent’s shoes and imagine the trauma they go through when their child is lost or picked up by a gang? To not to be able to see you child again, is the biggest ordeal a human being can go though in this mortal world.


She fights with men double her size, beats them up alone and even manages to trace the gang down to their roots, without a scratch. Oh please whom are we fooling here. Is it really that easy? If it was why didn’t anybody think of it earlier? Why did we need a mediocre movie to tell us that cops are our saviors?

The scenes of young twelve year olds being stripped and forced to get ready for flesh trade are so disturbing. We don’t want to see any twelve year old being subjected to such inhuman torture, even if it is only on celluloid. Yes its reality and we need to face it. But rubbing it in won’t make it go away.

We would have accepted the disturbing scenes if the solution was buyable. But a female cop running on the streets of Mumbai and cracking all the codes, while the gangsters wait for her to come and thrash them, is jargon of the highest order.

She is seen abusing and talking abusive language at the drop of the hat, do all cops really speak like that ? Is that a part of the decorum of a cop ? And the most ironical part was the fact that she was taking on a most organized crime group, about whom the police had no clue till her supposed daughter is picked up.

And while they threaten her on the phone and know where she lives, but still let her roam around free on the streets. If you like sick humor, she actually tortures the main villain played by Jisshu Gupta, by feeding him 1 kg jalebis laced with some medicine.

In the climax she displays her supposedly new talent of Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defence martial art, in the gangsters safe room itself. And it went over board when the central minster actually attempts to rape her, an Inspector of the Crime Branch, as that’s what he enjoys most. Pradeep Sarkar, hasn’t had a hit in a long time, so he decided to throw us a dish that had no recipe, excesses on unbelievable facts and Rani Mukherjee as the essential tadka.

Finally, we have just one thing to say watch it only if you were waiting for a Rani Mukherjee performance for a long time, or if you are tired of the regular villains and want to see a fresh face like Tahir Raj Bhasin. The theme song needs a special mention, very well written and sung with the right punch. Otherwise give it a miss, as it only shows a murky, hypocritical side of our society that continues to flourish under the protection of authorities.

Hill Post Rating 2.5* out of 5*

Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire.

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  1. says: argha

    “Priya has an interest in all things food”

    Does it mean
    Priya is Fat?
    Priya is ugly?

    Or does it mean

    Priya likes to taste new things?
    Priya is open-minded?

    same sentence can be interpreted in different ways it just depends on point of view and personally i think mardani was a gr8 movie and so was the ending song.

  2. says: Good Attempt

    Good movie! Don’t know why Priya was trying to make logic out of a movie. We need to consider some facts and some fantasies while watching a movie. However, i liked it.

  3. says: Neha

    I think it was an excellent movie. It exposed the extent of human trafficking that happens in the country. The missing children data at the end of the movie opened the eyes of layman audience. And yes, cops do abuse. You cannot ignore the brutal crime of flesh trade in this country.

  4. says: Mani Sulur

    Do you see any meaning in North American movies? The story of madani basically depicts how a woman should handle the barbaric behaviour of some men engaged in human trafficking and drugs. Awareness is required and help build a good society. The writer Priya is giving her own perspective of how women should succumb to pressures and not to make such movies so atrocities may continue against women. There are lots lesson to be learnt…so open your windows of your Charlie-sugar (common sense)

  5. says: gorvika

    Loved the movie. I am sorry this review does not make any sense to me. It is one of the ridiculous review ever written. “Critically analyse” does not mean that you need to literally bash the movie from every side. It was really courageous of Sarkar to make such a movie.

  6. says: Suzy

    Anyone with half a brain can see that this was a YRF attempt to showcase Rani’s acting chops within a very non-threatening commercial package. This critic is not claiming that the issue the film raises is non trivial. All she said was that the treatment was not realistic which it is not. It is an opportunity wasted. The script could have been made a lot more effectively with a better director and a better set of actors.

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