Timex unveils Ironman One GPS+ Standalone Smartwatch With 3G Support for fitness fanatics!

2014 has become the year of the smart watches. We have been served smart watches from electronic companies and phone companies. Watches have come from business houses that have had no history of watch making.

But today we present to you a smart watch that has actually been designed by a well known watch manufacturing company. Timex, is synonymous with quality watches all over the world. Their smart watch is called the Timex Ironman One GPS smart watch and it is their attempt to cut a niche for themselves in the ready to explode smart watch arena.Timex enters smartwatch category_2

The Timex IronMAN One GPS, does not need a Smartphone and is a completely independent gadget. The company has tied up with AT&T and Qualcomm to make the smart watch experience worthwhile. Like many other Timex watches this smart watch is water resistant for up to 50 meters and the display is of high Mirasol quality.

It has an in built 3G radio that is fully capable of handling messages and all email functions. It is ideal for runners and people who love to be outdoors, as It comes with a GPS tracker to keep the user updated about his current location at all times.

Although, Timex claims that the battery will last out for 8 hours with the GPS tracker on and 3 days for a normal use, these claims are yet to be proven. Besides these basic functions, the Timex Iron man also has an in built MP3 player and a 4GB storage space for it. You can also track your fitness with the heart rate monitor. The smart watch is priced at a whopping USD $399.95 and pre orders are being accepted for it.

The exorbitant price can be attributed to the 3G connectivity being provided by AT&T and Qualcomm, who are also offering the service free for the first year. The cost after the completion of the first year is yet to be decided. And remember the watch doesn’t make any calls. The company wants to target runners who can now carry a 3G connected watch with a GPS tracker and leave the phone at home.

Timex enters smartwatch category_1

When compared to other smart watches dependent on smart phones, the Timex looks a little limited. For instance the base model comes with no heart rate sensors and despite being aimed for the runners they need to dish out another $40 for a chest strap. It is incapable of taking voice commands and has a limited number of Apps. Although you still get to choose between a green or black version.

On the whole the watch is a big gamble, the only attraction it offers is the option to leave your phone home once you go out for a work out. Besides that it is large, limited and you might change to your other new age version, once you stop sweating.

Timex enters smartwatch category_3


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