Taku-Tanku the travelling little house made from repurposed water tanks!

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New York based Takahiro Fukuda, of Sterotank has designed a micro home from used articles. He has sought to do this to relieve the stress on the environment, that is already getting bogged down by rising pollution levels. Building a micro home with repurposd and re cycled materials was the objective of this innovative mission. This is his entry for the Little House competitions that’s held in Japan every year.

When we call it micro there is no exaggeration in it, as it is tiny and made out of the insides of water tanks. The designer has used two 3000 liter water tanks and other prefabricated materials. And he fondly calls it the Taku-Tanku.

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You can tow this home or bunker at the back of a car or a bike, by hand or even by a boat. It can lodge three to two humans, depending on the situation and the circumstance. It boasts of a cypress wood flooring, insulated walls and has solar powered LED lights and fans. Surprisingly, you get space to work, dine, play, storage and or just rest.

If brick walls don’t excite the vagabond in you, try the insides of a water tank. It looks attractive and bright in its neon orange color and offers you all the basic amenities too. Just park it where you like, store the luggage in the compartments between the wheels. Now start your session of gazing at the stars or staring in space without any disturbance. The circular cuts out windows allow the fresh air and light to seep inside.

It’s a new take on the trailer homes we are so used to seeing, but in a much more compact version, and way more affordable. So next time when you are out in the wild, tug your Taku Tanku behind the bike, and crash in it when you are done for the day.

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Source: Stereotank

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