This fridge needs no electricity

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Going green and sustainable energy has become the need of the hour. Engineers and designers all over the world are looking for alternative designs and methods to conserve energy and natural resources.

The fridge which runs without power has been a pet project of Components Course, headed by Prof. Bistagnino at Politecnico di Torino, of Italy. He not only wanted to invent a fridge that runs without electricity, the effort was also directed to set an example for others to follow suit.

This no electricity fridge can be easily produced and mounted in any of the European countries in the North, in the winter months. The core material used in the outer core is fir tree, which is commonly found in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The inner primaryshell is made up of recycled aluminum, which is known to have high conductive properties.

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The internal cooling of the refrigerator is maintained by the filter and tube that work in collaboration with the external elements. The fridge needs to be mounted on a wall and should face towards the north for best results.

It is designed for keeping local food products and is much smaller than our modern ages gadgets. It is incapable of freezing any food items, so bulk storing is not encouraged. The fridge can only store as much, which is visible to the naked eye.

The users can tap into their creative juices and design a fridge that suits their needs the best. The most impressive factor of the fridge is the fact that it is made with local materials and with the help of traditional skills.

The fridge might sound too retro to a few, but the vision behind it is to make living simple and the future sustainable. At the end of all of it, it is the well being of all that is the core driving factor for this powerless fridge.

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