Tefal Safe to Touch Kettle is a must for all tea and coffee drinkers

Tefal Safe to Touch Kettle

Tea and coffee drinkers are going to love this wonderful product from Tefal. It’s a safe to touch kettle with a capacity of 1.5 liters. The product has got rave reviews from all quarters and continues to garner high sales on most sites.

You are bound to save energy and water with its innovative design. Once the water is boiled, the double layer of insulation ensures that it stays warm for over thirty minutes.

The Tefal kettle is extra ordinary as the water might be boiling inside but the outsides stay as cool as a cucumber. All the plastic parts never heat up and are cool to touch.

You can boil a large pot of 1.5 liters at one go and not worry about boiling repeatedly. And compared to other kettles in the market the cleaning process is very simple and quick. Just remove the filter for lime scales and clean the inner stainless steel pot in a jiffy. The 3000 watt built in stainless steel element ensures that the water is boiled rapidly.

It has a multi directional 360 degrees base that ensures that the kettle is stable at all times. The glossy black finish gives it a very stylish and cool look.

Do not mistake it for another run of the mill ordinaty kettle, as with its large capacity and powerful element it is sure to make life simpler and more enjoyable for you.

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