The Proplamp – the lamp you can shape according to your mood

Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers_1

Bio-degradable materials never looked so pretty and chic before.  Margje Teeuwen  in collaboration with Erwin Zwiers has created the Proplamp. This lamp is made from biodegradable non-woven material. And it has no shape or corners or specific design. Just crush it and give it any dimension you want.

Crushed papers always manage to excite the imagination in many of us. Margie Teeuwen was always attracted to the abstract beauty of crumbled and crushed paper. She had already shared her ideas with us in her unique collection almost five years ago.

When she met designer Erwin Zwiers, the inspiration pushed her creativity to a whole new level. Together they searched for a product that was non plastic, woven and had the inherent quality of being molded into any shape. Their collaboration together has given us this unique Proplamp.

It looks different things to different people, might be a crushed paper to many, a floating cloud for some or maybe a flying dinosaur for a few. The lamp comes pre shaped in the signature design from Erwin and Margie. But once you get bored of it, just re shape it as many time as you want.

This lamp will follow all your commands.

Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers_2

Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers_3

Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers_4

Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers_5

 Source: Contemporist

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