Bathroom made of edible Belgian chocolate costs just $133,000

 chocolate bathroom for $133,000_1

This time the designers have gone overboard and bedazzled us with a display of one of our innermost cravings. A craving for chocolate !

The end result is a flamboyant, beyond imagination bathroom that has been literally been built out of edible, delicious Belgian chocolate. It is collaboration between Choccywoccydoodah and Indulgences like these obviously come with a exorbitant tag, this one is priced at a whopping $133,000. The breath taking and yummylicious unit comprises of a tub, a basin, a WC (yes you heard it right) and a bidet too.

For those of you who like to count and eat the chocolate value of the bathroom is a staggering 9.4 million calories. And please don’t consume it one go as, as only you would be responsible for any unforeseen health circumstances or a sugar rush of no proportion.

Lets be real since its chocolate and that too Belgian, the designers advise, to keep it away from the direct sun, the radiators and also avoid dropping anything hot on it. You are free to conjure your idea of hot!

Looking beyond the chocolatey wave, it sure is a vague and impractical idea. And seriously how many of us can even afford it.But we sure do appreciate the effort and the creativity that will go into making a chocolatey, masterpiece like this, even though it is a bathroom. If you have a whole set of sweet teeth that will stop at nothing, then order your gooey, sweet extravaganza today. And devour it once it is delivered after a month or so.

In the mean time savor the images, get your juices running and go grab your favorite bar.

 chocolate bathroom for $133,000_2

chocolate bathroom for $133,000_3

chocolate bathroom for $133,000_4

chocolate bathroom for $133,000_5

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