An invisible chair, that is actually wearable

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The Chairless Chair, is designed and conceived by Noonee, a startup based in Zurich. You’ll keep looking for a conventional chair but you wont find anything that faintly resembles it. It is actually an exoskeleton that can be used as a chair whenever needed.

The target customers of this brilliant design are workers who work all day on a line. The wearable chair makes the working schedule comfy and prevent the muscles from getting over stretched.

Lets not beat around the bush, it’s a chair and is made for sitting. Contrary to old studies, sitting all day is now considered deteriorative to health. Designers at Noonee, were looking for a middle path that gave the imminent pleasures of sitting and did not obstruct the standing routine too.

The answer was a chair that was flexible enough to be carried around.    

Technically it is an exoskeleton or a seat that can be strapped to the legs of the user. The compact and aerodynamic contraption weighs almost 2 kgs and once strapped feels like an extension of the body. On close examination you will realize that the framework never ever touches the ground. The contraption is secured with belts at the hips and another pair of straps binds it securely to the legs.

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If you’re wondering how it will support the weight of the body, there is a shock absorber for that exact purpose. It is capable of supporting the weight of the body and directing the mass towards the heels of the user.

There are different designs in the main line. There are some that work with regular shoes, without the necessary adherence to any intricate measurements. The working is very simple, just sit in your favorite position, then switch on your chair. The 6V battery will take over from here and ensure that you rest in peace.

If you think that a chair without a back rest is not your cup of tea, read on. The Chairless Chair keeps the spine relaxed and straight with the help of its ergonomics design. Production line workers can now bid farewell to MSD’s or Musculoskeletal disorder ‘s. The exoskeleton is made of carbon fiber and aluminium, hence it is capable of handling all weight categories.

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The project has got a major boost, by getting support from Audi and BMW, in order to start production line trials this year itself. Once done resting just switch off the contraption and go about doing your business as usual.

The commercial prospects of this contraption still need to be determined in comparison to the practical scope.

Imagine a chair that allows you to sit in a crowded bus, or a long bank line or even when you are at your desk. A conventional chair would never be able to fill that bracket, but a Chairless Chair is the ideal candidate for the job.

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Via: CNN

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