6 Places In Kolkata Where You Get The Best Biryani

Do you know what the survey result taken by a renowned Indian newspaper, on the best Biryani gharana of India say? No, it’s not the famous Awadhi or the equally famous Hyderabadi biryani that surpass all the other modes of preparing the royal dish; it is precisely Bengal’s Biryani that has been crowned as Numero Uno.

Basically, an amalgam of Mughlai and Awadhi style of cooking, Bengal’s biryani is much simpler to cook, but tastes superb with the addition of super soft potatoes and boiled eggs. So, the next time you’re in Kolkata, besides tasting the Bengali food, make a point to savor Biryani. When in Kolkata, you’ll spot biryani stalls at every corner of the street, but if you wanna savor the best, try these restaurants—

6) Nizam

Nizam restaurant in Kolkata

A premier restaurant in Kolkata, Nizam may be famous for their innovation, the kati rolls which the Bengalis swear by, but their Biryani isn’t something to ignore! Cooked to perfection, Nizam’s Biryani tastes the best when had with their delectable kababs.

If you have beef, then you must have their Beef Biryani for it is simply what Nizam is famous for. A meal for two here will set you off by 550 bucks at the most! So, enjoy the meal!

5) Lucknow

Lucknowi restaurant Kolkata

Located in the Biryani center of Kolkata, the Park Circus area, Lucknow is one of the newest kids on the block, but let this not stand anywhere in your consideration of their taste!

It is one of the better restaurants in this listicle in terms of the ambience, and when in here, don’t forget to taste their sinful Chicken Handi Biryani and Chicken Zafrani Tandoori. We bet you shall be floored! A meal for two will cost you around 900-1000 bucks.

4) Aminia

Aminia restaurant Kolkata

‘Simple to look but a carriage of flavors within’ is what denotes Aminia’s Biryani the best. Located at the heart of the city, New Market and at many other places around the city, Aminia’s Biryani has just the right amount of ingredients that is needed to make a perfect Biryani.

Subtraction of colors and greasy oils make the Biryanis indeed tastier than the rest. A plate of Mutton Awadhi Biryani here will set you off by 220 bucks only. Isn’t that a great deal?

3) Oudh 1590

Oudh 1590 restaurant Kolkata

This restaurant is one of the newest kids in the block but, within a year or two, it has made a permanent residence in the hearts of the Calcuttans. Do you know what the best thing about this place is? Well, this their menu card shows a listing of quite many types of biryani preparations which not much restaurants are even familiar with—and all those dishes taste simply out of the world.

A bit pricey than the other restaurants on the block, if you want a great dining experience along with mouth-watering delicacies at their best, Oudh 1590 is surely your place.

2) Shiraj—Golden Restaurant

Shiraj—Golden Restaurant Kolkata

This restaurant has been catering to the Calcuttan’s rising demand of “Mughlai Biryani” since years now with pride and élan. Located at the Mullick Bazar Crossing, Shiraj—Golden Restaurant may seem like a congested and local eatery, but one spoonful of their Biryani, and you shall be craving for more.

This restaurant, too, has numerous branches but we specifically mentioned about a particular branch because that’s the best and oldest!

1) Arsalan

Arsalan Restaurant Kolkata

Like always, we have saved the best for the last. According to anyone who has savored the Biryani of Arsalan, no other preparation of the same can be compared to it. And, boy! We agree to it wholeheartedly.

They indeed serve one of the best Biryani preparations in the country (yes, we vouch for that!) whose taste is going to linger in your mouth forever! If you’re in Kolkata, you’ll find quite many branches of the same restaurant dotted around the city.

While all of them serve almost the same biryani, in order to savor the best, visit their Park Circus Seven Point branch—their main. A plate of Mutton/Chicken Biryani here will set you off by Rs.225/-.

– By Priyanka Shah

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  1. says: Sumana Chakraborty

    surprising the list does not have Royal… it is considered as one of the best in Kolkata… in fact, Arsalan, Siraj and Royal are spoken in one breath…

    1. says: Abhijit das


  2. says: Abhijit Gupta

    Had Mutton Biryani at Arsalan last week.Sadly the quality was far less than expectations.The mutton was not soft at all but leathery and it was quite an effort to chew.No eggs were included but could be ordered extra at a price.The rice was also not perfect without the right degree of softness. All in all a most ordinary experience.

  3. says: Anuj

    I would like to differ with the list here. I have experience with both Awadhi Biriyani of Lucknow and Hyderbadi Biriyani from Hyderabad and the ones sold in Jeddah and Dubai. Have had few Pakistani Biriyani too ( Sindhi and Peshwari)… I hope I’ll do justice to the Kolkata list. If in Kolkata do have the Biriyanis in……

    Royal India Restaurant
    ( one of the very best in the country and I can vouch Arsalan is not the one Try their Biriyanis and Chaaps and Firnis)

    India Hotel ( Kiddepore)
    They are the only ones who make the best Kachchi Biriyanis eyes closed!

    Aminia (Central Golpark and New town)
    The most flavourful aromatic and lite authentic Biriyanis. Made with Refined oil.

    Aliyah ( Bentick Street)
    Excellent Chaaps and Biriyanis,aromatic authentic and lite.A cross between Aminia and Royal!

    Naushijan ( Kasba Connector)
    Spicy and its like Awadh met Hyderabad but subtely. A great place to experience a rich Awadhi taste.

    I would include Lucknow from the original blog but totally discount Shiraz and Arsalan. Arsalan is a hit or miss these days and Shiraz has royally gone to the dogs along with Rehmania. If you want a taste of Shiraz visit LaZeez at Bhowanipur rather,their upscale chain.

  4. says: Abhijit das

    Best Biriyani is not in Kolkata but can be traced at Barackpur at dada boudi’s Biriyani…It is just out of World….

  5. says: Utsab Moitra

    Today I have tested Dada Boudi Biriyani for the 2nd time and I think it is the Best. I have tested, Arsalan, Amina, Royal, Siraz. They are all great. But Dada Boudi is the best.

  6. says: Banjo sarker

    Sorry to contradict you people but I think no1 spot belongs to Indian restaurant kidderpore near fancy market go have a try guys

  7. says: Shazia Parveen

    have tried every of those restaurant. kolkata’s Biryani is not just a dish , its love. You should also have mentioned DadaBoudi restaurant of Barrackpore.

    thanks for the post.

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