Drinking whiskey in a Matterhorn Glass, ticket to the Alps!

Matterhorn Top_1

Drinking a premium whisky can easily be compared to scaling great heights. These mountain tumblers are sure to transform you to the cold and icy terrain of Matterhorn peak.

When you pour your drink in this tumbler it inspires awe and class for the drinker and those sitting with him. Every sip that is taken from this beautiful piece of glass, is sure to add artistic value to the whole session.

The glass with mount Matterhorn in the middle is made from top quality crystal and glass. The replica of this world famous peak jutting from the middle makes it a collector’s item. The peak is located in the Alps at 14,692 feet from sea level. When you pour your whisky in this glass, on the rocks terminology gets raised to a whole new level.

You might have nurtured a secret wish to conquer the peak someday. While you still make plans for that, take a sip and enjoy the sights from one of the most beautifully crafted tumblers in the market today.

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