Alessandro Isola uses folds and curves to create this flexibile coffee table

Alessandro Isola’s vision of a coffee table is sure to baffle quite a few. He reinterprets it in comparison to the irritating corner of a carpet or rug that refuses to straighten out. The moment you enter a room, your attention is diverted by the evidences of activity in it. A crease or wrinkle instinctively calls out for a response from many onlookers to straighten it out.

alessandro isola coffee table_1Alessandro’s vision captures this same natural response in all humans, to straighten things out. The backside of a carpet is not a very pleasant sight. But in Alessandro’s design the whole concept is a perfect amalgamation of usability, comfort and superior craftsmanship. Unlike a natural rug or carpet, the backside of this innovative coffee table is smooth and shiny. The intriguing factor of this design is raised by many levels, by the use of two surfaces in total contrast to each other.

The top part of the rug and the back side are in a perfect mix and match marriage with each other. The shiny back side serves as a reflective surface on which the objects kept elsewhere in the room are tastefully reflected. The artist has converted a regular tripping annoying incident into a visual sight that can also be used as an object.

The rest of the furniture in the room can be now planned around it, in order to make the most of this multi faceted surface. On the whole Alessandro has managed to divert our annoying nerves towards artistic bliss.

alessandro isola coffee table_2

alessandro isola coffee table_3

alessandro isola coffee table_4

Source: Design Boom

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