Dalai Lama Applauds India in U.S.A.

H.H. the Dalai Lama speaking to the audience at Minneapolis Convention Center

The Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama applauded the Indian constitution while addressing a gathering of around 2500 people at the 26th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum anniversary in Minnesota, U.S.A today in the morning.

Speaking on the topic of “crossing boundarites to create commond ground” at the anniversary, the Dalai Lama praised his exile home India as the land of secular and religious harmony.

“India is the mother of many religions: theological religions and non-theological religions, and many more but all stay together peacefully because Modern Indian constitution is a secular based one,” said the Tibetan spiritual leader who often calls himself as a son of Indian rice and dal.

Refering to the series of gunshots in the west in recent years, the Dalai Lama said that some psychopathic people have “no cocern at all about others lives.”

And the spiritual leader blamed the education system in the country which he said is “material oriented.”

After addressing the gathering, the Dalai Lama took a chain of questions from the audience as well as from outside through Google Plus.

A question even came from the Mayor of Minnesotan city Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges.

Answering to Mayor’s question, the Dalai Lama said “many people say politics is dirty but it is not dirty from the beginning. It is made dirty by the politicians.”

“Usually those people are the ones who have not received much love and affection from the mother,” said the Dalai Lama signalling love and affection are the basic nature of human beings.

The anniversary event was organised by Nobel Peace Prize Forum and Augsburg college which is a leading college in the twin cities in the state.

Tomorrow the Tibetan spiritual leader will preside over the celebration of Tibetan new year at Augsburg college, and it is his first Losar (Tibetan new year) in the United States in last 55 years of his exile life.

Tendar Tsering is a freelance journalist based in Minnesota, U.S.A. Previously he worked with ibtimes.com, hngn.com, pagalguy.com, phayul.com and he also regularly blogs at www.tibettelegraph.com

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