Defiant Virbhadra Singh asks BJP to list allegations before Lok Ayukta

Shimla: In the face of a combined media and opposition onslaught about his incomes and business dealings, a defiant Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh termed all allegations against him as ‘politically motivated’ and ‘the BJP can move a state Lok Ayukta to get the allegations proved.’

When questioned by the media about an apple crop having been shown to be transported by scooters and oil tankers, Mr Virbhadra Singh retorted, “I had sold my crop to a contractor, he may have transported it in a plane, a scooter, or any other mode of transport, I’m not answerable for that.”

In a statement released to the media, the chief minister dismissed the allegations leveled by leader of opposition Mr Prem Kumar Dhumal and opposition leader in the Rajya Sabah Arun Jaitely as false, frivolous and fabricated.”

“The accusations are preposterous and politically motivated. If they have any evidence, they are free knock at the door of Lokayukta,” Virbhadra Singh said.

With regard to raising personal loan from Mr Vakamulla Chandrashekhar, the chief minister clarified that, being a family friend, personal loan was raised from him by cheque on payment of interest. This was a legal transaction which is permissible and the loan along with interest is being repaid through cheque to him in installments. There should not be any objection to anyone for such a transaction. Moreover, no favour was ever shown to Mr Chandrashekhar by him or the Congress Government headed by him, Mr Virbhadra Singh asserted.

He said that his family members had purchased shares in Tarini Infrastructure Ltd. The shares purchased are fully paid up and were purchased as primary shares in 2009 and were approved in 2010-11.  All requisite rules and regulations have been complied while applying for shares and there was no violation/irregularity/illegality whatsoever in subscribing to the equity shares or M/s Tarini infrastructure Ltd., he emphasized.

Mr Prem Kumar Dhumal and Mr Arun Jaitley have deliberately suppressed relevant facts in their press conferences to suit their ulterior political motive. They have made selective opportunist disclosures and tried to mislead by twisting and concealing vital facts, said Virbhadra Singh.

“What special interest does Mr Arun Jaitley have in Mr  Dhumal and his family.  Has he been paid as an Advocate to stage the show on their call, or was it a cricketeering company gesture or there was something deeper beneath as he had raised same issues and divulged same information as had been done by son of Mr PK Dhumal in his five press conferences at Shimla, questioned Virbhadra Singh.

He added that Mr Jaitley and Mr Dhumal were behaving as complainant, prosecutor and a judge all unto themselves and pleading, prosecuting and passing orders in a same stretch.

The chief minister said that he would not be cowed down by threats and malicious propaganda, which was designed to malign his image in the public.

As Editor, Ravinder Makhaik leads a team of media professionals at Hill Post. Spanning a career of over two decades in mass communication, as a Documentary Filmmaker, TV journalist, Print Media journalist and with Online & Social Media, he brings with him a vast experience. He lives in Shimla.

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