Four rescued after 48 freezing hours on Rohtang Pass

Manali: Four people missing since two days ago after they were caught in harsh winter weather conditions while crossing Rohtang Pass were found alive in a remote mountain range near Rakshi Dhank 5 KM down to Rohtang today as they lay huddled together in their vehicle.

They were treated for exposure and dehydration at the District Hospital in Keylong other side of Rohtang Pass in Lahaul valley. The medical team at the hospital are examining whether them for frostbite, hypothermia and extreme cold related ailments.

File Photo: Rohtang Pass by Sanjay Dutta
File Photo: Rohtang Pass by Sanjay Dutta

According to the source   the all four members were responding well in spite of their freezing ordeal. Later today all the four have been shifted to Kullu.

When the vehicle with four people in it did not reach Marhi two days ago, a wide-scale rescue operation was launched with help of helicopter. Fears grew about their fate, when cold temperatures plummeted to minus 20 degrees centigrade and heavy snow pounded the high mountains, including the Rohtang Pass area over the last two days.

“Early today, a volunteer rescuer using binoculars spotted the missing people near Rakshi Dhank about 5KM down from the Rohtang top,” said a team member of search and rescue operation at Koksar.

Rescuers reached the snowed in vehicle by narrowing the search area  after tracking weak cellphone signals. Today they were brought by helicopter from Sissu to Bhunter.

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