Rains lash Kumaon, Uttarakhand : 25 temples washed away

Dehradun : Rains continue to play havoc in Uttarakhand. If earlier the Garhwal division was hit by incessant rains, it is now Kumaon division that is taking a beating.

Painting - file photo
Painting – file photo

Reports reaching the state headquarters said that about 25 temples had been washed away in Pithoragarh district of the division because of the heavy rains.

Besides the temples, a number of houses have also developed cracks and large chunks of fertile land have been washed away and there are fears that more land could be lost due to the heavy erosion that is taking place due to the incessant  rains.

Fears are now being expressed on the Tehri dam as incessant rains continue, though the water level is still below the highest mark.

Meanwhile the meteorological department here has predicted that incessant rains would continue to lash this small mountain state, though they will be more severe in the Kumaon division.

An alert has been sounded as it has been said that at places there could be 70 to 120 mms of rainfall in the next 24 hours.

In the state capital here, the people living along the banks of the Bindal and Rispana streams have already  moved to safer places and they have been advised to stay at the safe places till the rains recede in intensity.

Even people in the low lying areas have moved to safer places as rains continue to hit the city.

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