Khurshid trip will help end border row: Chinese daily

Beijing, May 9 (IANS) Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid’s visit to China will help put “a political end” to the recent border row, a hardline Chinese daily said Thursday.

In an article “Face-off just a small thorn in Sino-Indian relations”, Global Times said the recent border tensions had been “solved smoothly” even before Khurshid began his May 9-10 trip.

“It seems the two Asian giants, once confronted with the border issue, have developed a tit-for-tat attitude towards each other among the public,” it said.

“The bilateral relationship is also subject to instigation from the West. But the tension has never risen to where it could jeopardize China-India ties. When it comes to resolution, sobriety and diplomacy can succeed,” it added.

Chinese soldiers had reportedly intruded 19 km inside Indian territory in Depsang area of Ladakh April 15 and pitched tents.

After five flag meetings and dozens of phone calls between the two sides, troops of both sides moved back to their original positions.

The daily pointed out that India is one of the few countries which have not yet finished delineating borders with China, but “this has had little impact on the rapid growth of Sino-Indian trade”.

The trade volume of over $70 billion in 2012 not only makes China the second largest trade partner of India, “but also draws the two countries closer and creates win-win interaction between the two”.

India and China fought a border war in 1962, and claim each other’s territory.

The daily noted that neither China and India “will underestimate the great potential and attractiveness of its neighbour’s market”.

Both were “bound to have promising futures”, it said. “Cooperation, instead of tension and confrontation, will prevail.”

“…those fanatical and unrestrained voices which were attempting to ignite fears and prejudices, have failed to blind the peaceful majority to the potential of the Sino-Indian relationship.

“Khurshid’s visit will help put a political end to the issue.”

The Global Times, which often takes a hard line on issues pertaining to Chinese interests, said Khurshid’s trip was also “a great opportunity for India to exchange in-depth views about the border issues with the newly-elected Chinese leadership”.

China’s new Premier Li Keqiang has reportedly chosen India for his first official visit.

“It is impossible that Sino-Indian border issues will be left unsettled forever. But it is probable that the leaders of both countries have the wisdom and confidence to address the problem based on respect and mutual trust,” it added.

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