Advani BJP’s tallest leader: Chouhan

New Delhi, April 15 (IANS) L.K. Advani is the BJP’s tallest leader, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said Monday, while maintaining that the party’s parliamentary board would decide on its prime ministerial candidate.

“It’s a blessing for our party that there are so many talented leaders with us, but no doubt L.K. Advani is the tallest leader. Everybody in this country knows this,” Chouhan told CNN-IBN channel in an interview.

“In the BJP, the parliamentary board is the authorised body to take a decision on this (prime ministerial candidate). Whenever required, the parliamentary board will decide on it. I don’t believe in whatever is being discussed outside. We are the party workers and we should be within the boundaries of discipline,” he said.

About Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Chouhan said: “Everybody has a right to express his views. Modiji is not blowing his own trumpet. When I’m doing something good, I have a right to talk about it. It’s for other states to accept it, if they feel it beneficial.”

“Modiji has always said that he is not in the prime ministerial race. But he has a right to express his views in public.”

Chouhan said he would like to compete with Modi only on development.

“I would like to compete only on one aspect that is development. I can’t allow Madhya Pradesh to remain backward. There should be a healthy competition among states on development. It’s good for all,” he said.

“I am using social media to reach out to people and accept their suggestions. There is no hassle in using technology to keep yourself updated.”

On being in the prime ministerial race, Chouhan said: “I have only one desire, to make Madhya Pradesh the most developed state. We have to improve the living condition of each individual of Madhya Pradesh. I have a lot to do in Madhya Pradesh.”

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