Fancy gadgets continues to grip more lovers

Any person who loves gadgets is so much gripped by any new gizmo possessed that one would not get enough of it even by spending 10 hours a day with it. One may totally understand why someone wants to buy a “smart phone” there is no doubt about it that you want to be in front row.

Queries about how many people want smart phones and why, threw up interesting responses. Gadgets

“Smart phones interest only smart people. They interest me too as I like to remain updated on the move”, says Rahul Mahajan, an university student in Shimla.

Gadgets freaks are on the increase, every day, everywhere in the country and more and more people are becoming gadgets lover’s, for age is no bar to grip you to the new technologies unveiling at the drop of a hat.

Mobiles, iPhone, Smart phones, Tablets , Laptop’s are becoming a part of our life and the passion for technology is only increasing.

 We have come about to use gadgets as kind of jewels. Haven’t we!

“It is kind of a black magic and day by day love for gadgets is increasing. Yes, I use my Smart phone as my jewel and treat it as my friend”, says Neha, a college student in Solan.

A phone is not just a phone anymore, we use it for hearing music, taking pictures, looking up time, weather updates, scheduling, appointments and a host of other things, she says.

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